Homeopathic Remedies Differentiation for Corona Infection (Part 1) by Dr Farokh Master

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To our request Dr Farokh J Master has helped us by giving us the rights to share his recent webinar recording on, Homeopathic Remedies Differentiation for Corona Infection by Dr Farokh Master (Part 1).

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The London College of Homeopathy, UK

PS: This educational video aims at discussion of the homeopathic therapeutic approach to Corona infection by Dr Farokh Master. The rights, content and opinions are reserved to Dr Farokh Master.

Disclaimer: This is not a medico-legal advise. If you have any symptoms or concerns please visit your nearest registered healthcare practitioner. Stay Health, Stay Vigilant, Stay Safe!

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    Very good lecture, very much helpful at least not immediately for sure this virus may exist with us like influenza. Definitely this kind of differentiation between drugs will help us to get prepared for future in our regular O.P. We doctors not allowed to find out the presenting symptoms. This lecture will guide us for selection of most similimum. My request to the respected Doctor garu is can u please find out or is there any possibility to track past history of the patient’s like any history of Allergic rhinitis or asthmatic history or COPD, or any history of bronchitis,pnumonitis ….so that we can easily predict who are more vulnerable and what best we can do to prevent the spread of this deadly virus. My another request is can we get the treatment history of the patient especially we’re they under antihistamines or bronchodilators…. thank you very much.

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