Q. What are the different courses offered by LCH UK?

The LCH UK offers various courses in homeopathy according to the level of education one has, e.g. basic courses, diploma courses and post graduate diploma course. Please see https://lchomeopathy.com/courses for courses offered by LCH UK.


Q: Delivery of Modules

The delivery of study modules is divided into various sections ranging from Video lectures, PDFs, copy of digital/e-books, and self assessment sheets. These aim to sharpen the basic knowledge in homeopathy with exposure to ample clinical experience.


Q: Practical Sessions

The practical sessions are organized from time to time in the form of Seminars/CMEs/Medical Camps etc. (e.g. few of our seminars in past have been held in Romania, Turkey, India, & London etc). A student can attend them as per their convenience (as these are optional). According to the type of course (D Hom./ PG Hom.) the practical sessions are offered to the students.


Q: Commitment of hours required for course?
Our modules covers around 80-100 hours for Diploma/PG Hom course along with home study material which is around 150+ hours. Since the courses are online, the modules can be studied as per your convenience using your phone / desktop browser.


Q: How much practical exposure/case studies is included as part of the course?
During the course (for example PG Hom.) we teach our students with case taking, analysis using real cases and also provided them cases to be worked out for learning.


Q: Setting up practice after course

The setting up practice depends upon a person’s knowledge, skills and experience. We provide accredited courses in homeopathy but setting up practice is an individual’s decision and skills.


Q: Updating skills

One can progress / update skills by constant learning, joining an organization for enhancing knowledge, attending CMEs/Seminars, be a part of group discussions etc.


Q: LCH UK Accreditation?

RSH UK is a recognized body. It is the only homeopathic organization in UK having Apostile certification along with regular registration.


Q: Mode of Payment

We accept the fee via Bank Transfer / Direct Debit Facility / Paypal