The London College of Homeopathy Shines at the 22nd All India Homoeopathic Congress – New Delhi

The air in New Delhi crackled with excitement on December 16th and 17th, 2023, as the esteemed Homoeopathic Medical Association of India (HMAI) Delhi State Branch hosted the 22nd All India Homoeopathic Congress. The London College of Homeopathy, with a sense of immense pride, stood tall as one of the key sponsors of this landmark event.

With the theme “Health, Happiness, and Harmony with Homoeopathy,” the congress drew over 900 delegates from across the country, all eager to delve into the world of holistic healing. Among the esteemed participants were distinguished faculty members from The London College of Homeopathy, namely Dr. Sandeep Kaila, Dr Muktinder Singh, Dr. Saurav Arora, Dr Geeta Arora, Dr Navneet Bidani, Dr Bharti Arora etc. Their presence not only added to the prestigious nature of the event but also provided attendees with invaluable insights and expertise.

The faculty actively participated in various sessions, workshops, and panel discussions, sharing their vast knowledge and experience in homoeopathy. Their contributions ranged from delving into the intricacies of specific remedies to exploring the cutting-edge advancements in the field. Their captivating sessions resonated with the audience, igniting a spark of curiosity and a thirst for further learning.

But the impact of The London College of Homeopathy transcended the physical presence of its faculty members. The college’s unwavering commitment to excellence echoed through the halls of the conference, reflected in the passionate conversations sparked by its brand presence. Attendees sought information about the college’s renowned academic programs, eager to take their learning journey to the next level.

The sheer enthusiasm and unwavering dedication of the homoeopathic community witnessed at the Congress was truly inspiring. It served as a potent reminder of the immense potential of this gentle and effective system of medicine to positively impact countless lives. As a premier institution in the field, The London College of Homeopathy remains steadfast in its mission to nurture future generations of homoeopaths, equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to carry the torch forward.

The 22nd All India Homoeopathic Congress concluded with a resounding success, leaving behind a trail of hope, optimism, and a renewed fervor for homoeopathy. The London College of Homeopathy, proud to be a part of this incredible journey, stands committed to continue contributing to the growth and progress of this noble healthcare system.

Let us celebrate the power of homoeopathy to bring health, happiness, and harmony to the world, one tiny remedy at a time.

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Homeopathic Study Group in Gangtok!

The London College of Homeopathy, UK organised a homeopathy study tour under International Clinical Exposure in Homeopathy (ICEH) at Gangtok!

The HIMALAYAS – 2023!

A ICEH 2023 presented to all the attendees with a wonderful opportunity to meet and greet, learn and teach! A group which was targeted to learn and study homeopathy from the expert faculty of LCH UK under the guidance of Dr Farokh Master and experts faculty from LCH UK.

The study group covered a wide range of topics, including:

  • The principles of homeopathy
  • The Materia Medica (homeopathic remedies)
  • Case taking and prescribing
  • Complex, chronic cases
  • Open house discussions
  • And much more….

It was a perfect gathering to learn and improve our skills in homeopathic clinical practices.

Benefits of joining the homeopathic study group (ICEH) by LCH UK:

  • Learn from experienced homeopaths
  • Gain a deeper understanding of homeopathy
  • Practice your skills and learn from each other
  • Network with other homeopaths
  • Connect with the homeopathy community in Gangtok

Registration for next ICEH batch is open. For more information and registration drop us an email at

Stay connected for next ICEH event!

Himalayas 2023 – A workshop by LCH UK under ICEH

Learn about ICEH

Come and join us in the Himalayas

A great Opportunity to Learn, Explore and Practice Homeopathy

A Workshop With Dr Farokh Master 

31 Aug – 10 Sep 2023 (Including visit Delhi – Sikkim – Delhi and Taj Mahal, Agra)

With Live Turkish Translation

For enquiries and registration write to us at

LCH UK at HRI London 2023

LCH UK is proud being a sponsor to HRI London 2023, 16-18 June 2023

Join us for this year Annual Conference of the Homeopathy Research Institute and explore the exciting developments and unique challenges of homeopathy research. 

HRI is a UK-based charity dedicated to promoting high quality research in homeopathy at an international level.

Visit for information and registration.


Contact LCH UK at

See you there!

LCH UK Convocation at Istanbul Turkey!

The London College of Homeopathy, UK is becoming an established name in homeopathic education. Founded in year 2017, LCH UK today as presence in many countries including UK, India, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil, Romania etc. In addition to our worldwide course for practicing homeopaths, LCH UK has witnessed a grand success in homeopathic education in Turkey.

In an event exclusively organised by LCH UK at Istanbul, Turkey on 08th Sept 2022 we witnessed happy and confident faces in homeopathy. LCH UK held an Exclusive first ever convocation of students passed out from LCH UK accuring Diploma in Homeopathy program. 

The D Hom programme at LCH UK Turkey is an exclusive homeopathy program imparting homeopathic education to medical doctors / paramedics.

The Convocation witnessed a huge gathering of more than 150+ participants including 80 students graduating with their homeopathy education.

The event was well received in fraternity and we look forward to hold many more such events in near future in different parts of the World.

The glimpses of the Convocation Ceremony is posted below.

Let us cherish and spread the goodness of homeopathy!


Professional | Scientific | Academic Expertise in Homeopathy 

World Homeopathy Awareness Week Celebrations by LCH UK at INDIA

The Homoeopathic Medical Association of India, Delhi branch & The London College of Homeopathy, UK celebrated World Homoeopathy Awareness Week & organized A Panel Discussion on Homoeopathy at The Hotel Metropolitan, Connaught Place, New Delhi, INDIA on 17th April 2022.

Every year 10th of April is celebrated as World Homoeopathy Day followed by a week of celebrations as World Homoeopathy Awareness week.

Renowned delegates and doctors from various parts of India attended the event and made it a grand success. The chief guest speaker was Dr SM Singh, Senior homoeopathic physician from Allahabad. Dr Singh has an extensive and vast experience of more than 50 years in homeopathy, and popularly being called as Teacher of Teachers.

The event started with paying floral tribute and homage to Dr CFS Hahnemann, the founder of Homoeopathy. Following this Dr Singh shared his successfully treated chronic cases in homoeopathy. With his enlightened and simple approach, the whole of audience was mesmerized with the utility of homoeopathy in incurable, chronic cases.

Following the session by Dr Singh, the organizers conducted an open house panel discussion having relevant questions from day-to-day scenario such as covid infection, role of homoeopathy, limitations of homoeopathy, etc. The session was an eye opener for every practitioner of homoeopathy.

The event was concluded with vote of thanks to everyone, participating doctor delegates and special thanks to Dr SM Singh, Director, SSNPGI Homoeopathy, Allahabad; Dr. K.K. Juneja, Chairman Board of Homoeopathic Medicine, Delhi; Dr. A.K. Gupta, President HMAI Delhi; Dr. Sandeep Kaila, Registrar, The London College of Homeopathy, UK; Dr Neeraj Pasricha, HMAI Delhi; Dr Kamal Puri; Senior Consultant, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital; Dr. Saurav Arora, Secretary, HMAI Delhi; Dr. Rajesh Jussal, Treasurer, HMAI Delhi and all senior homoeopaths of the association.

PG Hom Course – Enrolment Open for April 2022 Batch

Post Graduate Diploma in Homeopathy by The London College of Homeopathy

  • Open to Homeopaths around the World!
  • Content by Professional & Expert Teachers
  • Recorded / Live Lectures
  • Online Teaching – Assessments – Exams
  • One Year Duration
  • Fee in Easy Installments
  • Earn the Title – PG Hom (London)
  • And Much More…..

Ask for your copy of brochure at

Next Batch – April 2022

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Ozonum Umbrella – A workshop with Dr Petr Gajdos

An Exclusive Workshop with Dr Petr Gajdos to learn Ozonum as a Homeopathic Remedy with comparative materia medica of well known remedies, including case studies and indications.


Ozonum is a gas, so-called “activated oxygen”, formed by three atoms of oxygen instead of the two that we normally breathe. We are familiar with the protective function of the ozone layer in the atmosphere. The life cycle of ozone and its connection to ocean and marine life, to trees, habitat, and life in general, is less commonly known.

The remedy Ozonum has become the highest-ranking prescription in Dr Petr’s practice during the coronavirus pandemic. Respiratory tract illnesses represent just a small percentage of cases that have responded well to the remedy.

Ozonum as a remedy has a wide range of applications including pandemics as well as routine clinical uses Ozonum-specific domain.


Ozonum has a long history in homeopathy. The homeopathic remedy was used by our forefathers but has almost been forgotten. The toxic effect of crude ozone on human physiology was published in 1875. Anne Schadde, a German homeopath, made an extensive proving of Ozonum in 1993-94. Since then, homeopaths all over the world have confirmed its usefulness.


The Ozonum Umbrella seminar is about Ozonum, which can be called “the polychrest of our time”. Dr Petr will present his extensive experience with Ozonum, its clinical manifestation, symptomatology, psychological profile, and underlying dynamism. Dr Petr will also present and comment on cases that have been treated successfully.

Ozonum has an extensive differential diagnosis. The workshop will discuss known and less commonly known remedies related to Ozonum from homeopathic materia medica. Imagine the remedy as an umbrella in the sky, accommodating many people underneath. The umbrella symbolizes Ozonum and every person under the umbrella’s protection symbolizes a remedy complementary or similar to Ozonum.


Dr Petr graduated from the Charles University Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen in 2002. Following graduation, he joined the University Hospital in Pilsen, where he earned a specialist qualification in internal medicine. Since 2008, Dr Petr has served as an urgent medicine doctor with the Emergency Medical Services of the Pilsen region. He also works in the intensive care unit at the Harley Street Clinic in London.

Dr Petr has been practising homeopathy for more than 25 years, having studied at several homeopathy schools abroad, and undergone six years of training in psychotherapy. Dr Peter has participated in many workshops about bodywork, and practice craniosacral therapy and biodynamics.

More Information about Dr Petr Gajdos can be referred at


  • Learn and master the art of prescribing Ozonum by Dr Petr Gajdos.
  • Live event with Questions / Answers and Discussion
  • Earn three CPD (Continuing Professional Development) hours.


28th June 2020


03:00 PM – 06:00PM UK Time